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Every Bethesda's E3 showcase in one meme song. Thank you, Todd Howard, for
Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter and Elder Scrolls Blades, you are the inspiration.
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DISCLAIMER: We actually really love Bethesda games. We played Skyrim and other Elder Scrolls titles, as well as the Fallout series, for a thousand times (and even enjoyed all those bugs, come on, they were fun as hell). We really hope that The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield will return our faith in this once amazing game studio after what happened to Fallout 76, so just remember — we don’t criticise things that we don’t care about :)

We are The Chalkeaters — the gaming music project based in St. Petersburg, Russia. We're making songs and music videos about gaming industry and related memes.


Song “It Just Works” by The Chalkeaters

Executive producer and songwriter

Sound producer, arranger and engineer

Guitars and Disappointed Fans Choir producer


Lead vocals by
Kyle Wright [ ]
as Todd Howard

Ruslan Tustanovsky [ ]

Egor Popov [ ]

Nika Pshenova [ ]

Bass guitar:

Backing vocals:
Finchet Under Cover
Chaos Angel

Disappointed Fans Choir by
Finchet Under Cover, Kuro-no-Himitsu, Xineko, Chaos Angel, Kirya, Choki Chy, Felya, Andrey Dok, yurkin, Jerico, Vasya, Topöu Pim, Dima Litvinov, Aono, Elias Frost, Tsumi, Zuek, Meenouse, NickEs, Flüt, John Lynch

Jonathan Luhmann



Lead animator
Yumi the Cat [ ]


Lenich [ ]

Stage artwork
Ragno [ ]


Special thanks to Vasya, Arvianth, Nikdoge and Meenouse for ideas and feedback!

Used videos:

The Elder Scrolls VI Announcement Trailer
Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter Trailer
Let's 100% Oblivion Part 30 - Horse Armor
Skyrim - Cheat Room (How to use)... Version 2.0
Let's Play Skyrim - 36 : Tonilia and Vex the Thieves
Skyrim funny moments and glitches
Best Skyrim bug ever! Spinning horse!
Hilarious Skyrim Glitches
Just an ordinary day in Skyrim
CRAZIEST Fallout 4 Glitches and FAILS
FALLOUT 76: Dumb Yet Hilarious GLITCHES
Ugliest NPC's in OBLIVION - Elder Scrolls
Skyrim Special Edition: Dumb Yet Hilarious Glitches
Skyrim - Mountain Timelapse

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